A child under five years old when he made an unusual decision about his age


Vinnie Desautels of California was just five years old when he made an unusual age decision: He decided to grow his hair to donate it to cancer patients. All the while he suffered from the bad words his classmates said to him and did not understand why he was doing it.

Shortly after growing his hair out for two years, then cutting it and donating it to make wigs for cancer patients, Vinny was diagnosed with stage 4 acute cancer.


Doctors are currently doing several tests to find out what type of cancer the boy has. In the first stage, doctors found that the boy had bony formations around his waist, right cheek and knees.

One day, when he came back from school, the boy complained to his parents that he had injured his knee. They immediately touched his entire body and discovered a knot in his waist. They immediately took him to the hospital, where doctors discovered bone formation in the pelvic area.

A few days later, he went back to the doctor because of swelling in his right eye. In the beginning, everything was attributed to allergies. After several analyses, they confirmed what was even worse: the formation discovered in the eye was malignant. Doctors are currently trying to determine what type of cancer the boy has.

Despite the bad news, Vinnie continues to devote her free time to caring for cancer patients.

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