A father decided to share a story with everyone on social media about his two-year-old daughter getting into a bit of trouble at a restaurant!


Clint Edwards is a dad who decided to share a story with everyone on social media about his 2-year-old daughter having a bit of a crisis at a restaurant and spreading his message because he’s so strong and all parents can relate to him he says what he wrote:

“I’m stuck in the car with the baby. I went to a restaurant with the family for dinner and she was in crisis because her mom wouldn’t let her throw the chicken on the floor. So I screamed and screamed and got upset and as I was the only one to finish the meal, I had the pleasure of carrying my daughter Red Robin outside.

I carried her in my arms behind the bar and everyone looked at me angrily, I assume most of them had no children. No one who has ever had a child has ever given me that look that seemed to say, if you can’t control your child, don’t go outside.

No, I can’t control it.

Not always.


Not yet.

She is two years old and it will take me years to help her learn how to behave in public, and the only way to teach her is to show her what is good behavior and what is bad. How? Saying NO to her a million times, letting her have this kind of behavior, so that when she passes I can say NO again.

These lessons require patience, a lot of work, and real-life experiences and I’m sorry that all those people at the bar were irritated by my child’s crisis, but you’re part of the lesson too. Your parents did the same to you, and now you know how to recognize when a child is doing something annoying in a restaurant. That’s exactly how you learned to say: Those parents need to control their child.

That’s how you learned to be a respectable person.

I understand. Children are annoyed when they become noisy in restaurants. Know. I’m living this. But before you get angry or start judging, understand that the situation you are witnessing is not proof that we are bad parents, but proof that we are parents trying to solve a problem.

What you actually see is what needs to be done to turn a child into a person. ”

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