A Single Mother Had A Brilliant Idea To Turn A Shipping Container In Order To Build A Tiny Home For Herself


They can live anywhere together and be happy, that’s when Lulu had a brilliant idea to turn a shipping container and a shipping container into a little house for the two of them. The mobile home sits on a lot surrounded by nature and has all the amenities they need – this house is now Lulu’s home, and it only cost $4,000 to convert.

As a single mother and student, Lulu struggled to pay bills and rent, even though she worked full time.

She decided that adopting a shipping container into her daughter’s living space and she was the most economical solution because container conversions were not very expensive. She may be an owner rather than a tenant.


Using recycled building materials, Lulu did most of the work herself, assembling the house, building a door, cutting windows, insulating and creating a full kitchen complete with a sink, camp stove, a refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and a water heater.

The tiny house also has a full bathroom and is comfortably furnished with beds, a sofa and bookshelves.

Lulu had a clever solution to providing a home for her and her daughter, using a changing shipping container and shipping container. It might be a frequent trend in the future to use shipping containers or similar types of containers as portable houses to reduce living costs.

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