A woman was made to either leave the airplane or cover up her revealing crop top by the airline


Emily O’Connor, a 21-year-old from Birmingham, says she was shaken by fear after Thomas Cook workers told her she would have to leave her flight to Tenerife if she didn’t ‘cover up’ . Emily says she was preparing to fly to the Canary Islands early last month when airline workers approached her. They told her that the yellow pants and blouse she was wearing were not suitable for travel.

Emily received a jacket from her cousin. But that came after a comment about him appearing over the intercom. The experience shocked and frightened her. Apparently she wore the same short shirt on the flight back to Birmingham and had no problems with airline staff.

The airline apologized for the incident but said the “inappropriate clothing” policy was clearly explained in its in-flight magazine. Thomas Cook dress policy makes it clear that a poorly dressed person will not be allowed to fly unless they are dressed differently.


Traveling from Bham to Tenerife I was told by Thomas Cook that they would remove me from the trip if I didn’t ‘know’ myself because I was ‘insulting’ and ‘inappropriate’. They had 4 airline staff around me to take my luggage to get me off the plane. pic.twitter.com/r28nvSYaoY

— Emily (@emroseoconnor) March 12, 2019
Airline workers told Emily that other passengers might find her choice of clothing offensive and that staff were on hand to collect her bags and get her off the plane.

Emily responded by telling the worker that no such policy was mentioned on the internet. She also stood up and asked the other passengers if her choice of clothes offended them. The cabin crew even remained silent as a man on the plane hurled insults and abuse at them. Emily was shaking with fear and it was obvious. But the staff continued to allow her to be ridiculed and sexually exploited. It was the worst experience of his life.

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