An UPS delivery driver hears a loud noise and observes a stray dog with a message attached to its collar.


Every day, UPS drivers carry out numerous deliveries, and in the process, they frequently come across dogs that greet them with great enthusiasm. According to Ilovemydogsomuch, a particular bond formed between a UPS deliveryman and a Golden Retriever.

 Every day, the person would load daily packs into his UPS truck, and every day, a Golden Retriever at the same place seemed to be waiting for him.

 At first, the dog may have been a local person’s dog or perhaps the driver felt he was lost.

He continued on his path, but he found the same adorable cat in the same place every day.

 As the puppy appeared every day, the man decided to go to the local pet store and buy some dog treats and prepare them for the dog every day.

 The dog enjoyed delicious snacks and the UPS man would always serve treats with a stomach rub or ear scratch.

 The improbable friendship between Golden and the driver continued until one day the man forgot to bring dinner to his favorite cane.

That day, the determined dog picked things up on his own feet.  While the person was walking home to deliver the packages, the person jumped on the UPS truck.


 His shift was almost over, but suddenly he heard a loud noise near his truck and he knew something was wrong.

 He did not realize that his Golden Retriever was parked in his friend’s truck!  At the end of the day, he was unloading the truck and he found the dog.

 The driver could not believe his eyes, but he took the animal to the area where he first saw it.  The dog ran back to the house where the driver first met him.

  The next day, as the photo of the Golden Retriever went viral, everything became clear.

 His owner attached a note to his neck, saying, “The UPS person forgot to throw me a cookie, so I hid in his truck and drove around the neighborhood. He had to hand me back to my house.”

 Everyone laughed well and the UPS driver spoke to the dog owner that day.  He explained how the Golden Retriever waited by the window every day for the UPS truck.

 We want such a happy ending, and we are lovingly vague to know that combining a dog and a delivery man is creating an adorable bond.

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