Andrew Tate and his brother will be held in prison for an additional 30 days.


They will be detained in prison until at least April 21st.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been denied their latest appeal and will be held in jail for an additional 30 days. The YouTuber and his brother have been in detention since December, as they are being probed for allegations of rape, people trafficking, and forming a criminal organization. Despite the accusations, both brothers have pleaded not guilty.

Tate’s attorneys have been advocating for less severe measures, such as house arrest, as they believe that keeping him in preventive custody is unjustifiably severe.

Up to this point, judges have disagreed with Tate’s lawyers, as they believe that there is a chance that he may escape the country, interfere with witnesses or evidence, or cause public disorder if released. In late February, the court determined that Tate should remain in detention until March 29th. Later in the month, a Romanian court dismissed his latest bail application. Currently, the judges have ruled for the fourth time that the Tate brothers must remain in preventive custody as the investigation proceeds to collect more evidence against them.


According to BBC, the investigation has not been broadened to encompass the possibility of money-laundering.

During Wednesday’s hearing, the lawyers representing the Tate brothers stated that prosecutors did not provide any new evidence. They implied that their clients’ fame was influencing the decision to prolong their detention.

The two other suspects, Luana Radu and Georgiana Naghel, have not been charged yet. All four individuals are set to remain in prison until at least April 21st.

There’s yet to be a date set for trial, but under Romanian law they can be kept in detention for up to six months. This means they can only stay locked up until 27 June.

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