Bon Jovi sings an epic version of “Hallelujah” leaving millions of people floored

September 5, 2019 STORIES


There are many attributes that define a great singer, and Jon Bon Jovi has all over them. Talk about a great voice, a sexy figure as well as real talent, and Jon has them all. You have to watch the following video to understand why I highly rate him.

This is a performance, he did back in 2007 and up to now it has received over 20 million views. He is doing a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” and he does it excellently well. He is one of those singers who have mastered the art of capturing the audience by using the right emotions.

So far, different performers had tried their own style of this classic song and most of them have succeeded. It reminds me when the Canadian Tenors sang it with Celine Dion, a performance that surprised the crowd. The version that Bon does over here might be raw, but it never stops appealing. I consider the matching of the lyrics and the song a pure ingenuity. So talented!

I liked this rendition so much!

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