Boy meets Elvis Presley at The Voice Kids



These days the internet is once again surrounded by video of an amazing performance mentored by a boy named Lissandro at The Voice Kids.

There he introduced himself to the jury by singing a song originally sung by Elvis Presley, and the video of his experiment was a real hit on the internet.


Lissandro’s audition for The Voice Kids years ago has garnered more than 2.2 million views on YouTube alone to date, and many online users are enthusiastic about the boy’s singing talent.

Lissandro introduced himself by singing the hit song ‘Too Much,’ which was presented to the public in 1956 by Elvis Presley. Bernard Weinman and Lee Rosenberg are also the authors of the song.

Listen to a wonderful singing performance put on by a boy named Lissandro on The Voice Kids show. Will he impress you with his performance the way he impressed the judges of the mentioned show?

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