Boy with no arms forced to leave restaurant after manager has a few things to say


Three-year-old William Bancroft was excited to go to IHOP for the first time and knew exactly what he wanted – pancakes.

The little boy was born without arms and is used to eating his food with his feet.

As the manager watched William use his feet to pick the syrup bottle up he approached his family’s table.

What he said next has sparked complete outrage and forced the huge breakfast chain to apologize.

Alexis Bancroft / Facebook

It was the first time three-year-old William Bancroft and his family went for breakfast at IHOP.


It was a Saturday morning, and William wanted pancakes. William, from Arkansas, eats his food the only way he knows how, with his feet.

“That’s all he knows,” William’s mother, Alexis Bancroft, told the local station KARK.

His mom Alexis Bancroft makes sure he always washes his feet before eating, and this time was no exception.

But when the manager approached the family’s table he told them that the boy was raising concerns about the health code, according to The Washington Post.

William, who was born without arms, was sitting on the table and touching the syrup container with his feet.

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