Candidate for France’s final vote is played ‘Hallelujah’ By Leonard Cohen

July 8, 2020 Videos


One of the finalists of the vocal show The Voice France introduced himself these days by singing a song known throughout the world.

His appearance in the semifinals, he impressed the judges and many Internet users.

Anthony Tres is a good young man from France, and he was already impressed with his singing talent in the previous parts of The Voice France 2020. This time he appeared in the semifinals, where he successfully reached the big finals.

On stage, he sang the song “Hallelujah,” which appeared on the album in 1984 from different perspectives by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen.

Many describe Anthony’s voice as magical, and you will definitely enjoy this semi-final performance. Listen to the star of Anthony Thres in The Voice of France 2020 when he sang Hallelujah.

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