Devoted dog dies after faithfully waiting by the window each day for 11 years, longing for its owner’s return.


I’m sure you’ve heard many stories about the loyal dog Hachiko and others like him. However, a recent story about a dog and his owner in Chicago illustrated a bond between humans and dogs that goes beyond reality. Although depressing, it is enough to make people feel a warm current called “love” even if it is not as direct as the loyal dog Hachiko.woof black dog balto nom nom dog food wet dog food sniffspot dog food doga

Roman is the name of the male owner, and Toby is the name of the dog he raises. This article will use male owner and toby as pronouns for consistency.

Toby was a dog bought by the owner’s wife. He may have been unhappy about going from the second eldest child to the third eldest dog in the family because of his family status. He didn’t like Toby at first and felt that this dog was evil. It’s not just “unnoticeable”, but it’s also a bit annoying. Anyway, I don’t like it.

But how can a dog argue with humans? Toby, who waits for his master at the window every day after he gets off work, gradually changes his master’s bias. The male owner not only readily accepted the role of the family’s third child, but also became Toby’s “dog licker,” complimenting everyone he met on how sensible and beautiful his dog was. Although the relationship between the man and his wife is strained, Toby’s presence ensures that the family atmosphere remains intact.

It’s just that a dog’s power is limited after all. The male owner and his wife eventually signed a divorce agreement due to their irreconcilable differences. Although the male protagonist has been mentally preparing for this day for a long time, there is one item he cannot let go of. That is, Toby was purchased by his ex-wife, and if the property is divided after the divorce, Toby will legally belong to his ex-wife.woof black dog balto nom nom dog food wet dog food sniffspot dog food doga

The male owner was worried. After many failed conversations with his ex-wife, he decides to give up the house and move out on his own in exchange for custody of Toby. The male owner had no idea that the little fellow who made him feel a little disgusted at first would make him give up everything just to keep him by his side.

Whether it was because of the male host’s honesty or a desire to exchange chips, the ex-wife accepted this “deal.” Despite being forced out of the house, the man was content with Toby’s company.


As a result, over the next 11 years, Toby becomes the most important relative of the male protagonist. They fight, play and sleep together. By and large, the male protagonist seems to be happier now that he’s single again. And Toby will be as before, waiting for his master to come home from work every day. Toby will wait at the window for his master’s return, whether he is on a business trip or extra work. Nothing has changed in 11 years.

Until Toby was 16 years old…woof black dog balto nom nom dog food wet dog food sniffspot dog food doga

The typical lifespan of a dog is 14 years, as we all know. You can imagine what kind of situation 16-year-old Toby is in. Although the male protagonist visited large hospitals and many doctors, Toby, who had difficulty moving due to his age, was unable to escape the misery of illness in his later years. Finally, Toby, who was suffering from kidney disease, left his beloved owner in his sleep and returned to his rightful place.

This male hero is undoubtedly lucky. Although his marriage was not happy, it provided him with more relatives and close friends. Toby, who lives longer than most dogs, did his best to give his owner an extra two years of enjoyment, according to veterinarians.

Of course, Tobi is also lucky because, unlike the loyal dog Hachiko, he has an owner who loves him just as much and gets a great result every time he waits for him. He wouldn’t be like Hachiko, who only saw the master he had waited for so many years at the last moment before he died, and was finally reunited and went to that place painlessly.

The man still looks at the place where Toby waited for him every day when he came home from work. Although he never saw Toby again, we assume he was keeping an eye on him. Take a look at it.

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