Why didn’t Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson have children


Why Lisa Marie Presley had no children with Michael Jackson. Finally, she decided to say it all:

Many years after she divorced Michael Jackson, American singer Lisa-Marie Presley took her heart in her teeth and told why she had never had children with the king of pop.

The two were married for two years, and the press also wrote that they never had sex. However, Lisa Marie, 51, denies this, saying that she and her husband loved each other very much.

However, the decision not to have children belonged to her and was made because of the media pressure exerted on Michael at that time.


During their marriage, the former king of pop music was facing charges of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy, Jordan Chandler.

But her decision not to have children drove Michael away from her, and he finally found another way to become a father.

He married nurse Debbie Rowe to start a family. The two divorced in 1999, after three years of marriage, and Jackson received sole custody of their son and daughter, Prince Michael Jr. and Paris.

Recently, Rowe stated in an interview that the star is not the biological father of their two children and that he never had sex with him.

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