The doctor put a small battery in her back


One day Susan McKenzie noticed redness on her wrist, it was actually an irritation that gave her an unbearable itch. The girl didn’t know why this was happening to her, so she went to the doctor. He immediately realized what the problem was: Nickel.

She didn’t just find out. One in six people in North America suffers from Nickel Allergy, 11 million children worldwide suffer from this allergy. Cause? Electrical devices!


Due to the fact that technology is developing more and more and occupying more and more space in our lives, nickel has become increasingly difficult to avoid. The cause of Susan’s allergy was a hand-held fitness machine. But nickel exists in bracelets, rings, stainless steel objects, electrical appliances, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

Nickel allergy has become the inevitable condition of the 21st century. Doctors recommend that watches and fitness devices be left as wide as possible on the hand to prevent irritation. Even some foods cause this allergy. Dermatologists say that people who know they have it should avoid soy, soy sauce, tofu cheese, cocoa powder, shells.

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