She has been eating stones every day for over 20 years


A woman from the United States of America managed to amaze people around the world when she revealed that she can’t stop eating stones.

This is the incredible story of a mother named Teresa Widener from Bedford, Virginia. For more than 20 years, it has been struggling with a strong and unstoppable lust. Every day, she feels the need to consume stones of different sizes and textures.

Teresa Widener was a very normal man until, one day, more than two decades ago, she felt a strange attraction to the smell of stones and a desire to eat it every day. From the moment he put a rock in his mouth, everything turned into a real habit. Thus, what initially seemed a momentary curiosity then turned into a regular addiction, which began to fully control the woman’s life.

The woman’s case has become known around the world because of the strange addiction she faces. Strange as it may sound, the American can’t stop eating stones.


Although she has two children, a girl and a boy, and a demanding job, the American always finds time to “pamper” herself with a generous portion of stones.

Every day, the woman consumes impressive amounts of rocks. From just a few pieces, she confessed that she ended up swallowing even a kilogram a day. When she feels stressed, the number of stones she eats increases. Although she knows that her eating habit is not a healthy one, Teresa Widener says that she cannot refrain, because the smell of the rocks is much too enticing.

“For the last twenty years, I have eaten whole pounds of stones every month. If I know I have supplies at home, I feel much better. I usually choose the ones that I find more attractive, I like the taste of the earth. Sometimes I just put them in my mouth and chew them to better feel the muddy aroma “, the woman confessed to those from TLC.

Despite the many efforts made by family or friends, the lady in question did not manage to completely give up the habit of eating stones, but she managed to reduce the daily amount.

After numerous tests and analyzes, some of the doctors came to the conclusion that Teresa Widener suffers from sinus syndrome. What really amazed the doctors was the fact that the woman has not yet arrived at the emergency room with any serious medical problem, but she expects this strange craving to be left with certain “costs” over time.

Pica disease is a condition characterized by the desire to eat things that are not food, such as paint, plastics, napkins, and more. Most often, this syndrome occurs during pregnancy, due to the numerous hormonal changes that occur. However, experts claim that disease can occur at any time, regardless of age, but especially in those who suffer from A.D.H.D or various mental disorders.

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