Encounter the Brave Individuals Who’ve Subdued the Untamed: Intimidating in Look, Kind in Behavior!


Frightening in appearance, friendly in nature 🥹🤗

Who can dare to approach tigers and lions? Probably very few people, because they are considered dangerous and frightening creatures. But in fact, if they train correctly, they can be loving and friendly, like our today’s heroes.

Armand Gerber and Beatrice know how to behave with these creatures and thanks to their great efforts many wild animals have been saved. They keep these wonderful creatures in Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa.

Many lions, tigers, leopards and cheetahs live there and they feel safe and protected next to these kindhearted men.


They provide these cuties with everything they need and give them the most important thing: freedom.

Although they look dangerous in appearance, they are very kind and friendly in nature. They enjoy cuddling their caretakers and behaving like domestic animals.

The men look after these beauties perfectly and make their lives happy and carefree.

They do it with great pleasure and never get tired of their job.

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