She is the epitome of elegance and elegance, but there is one detail that always escapes her public appearance


Kate Middleton always puts on a stunning show at every event she attends. However, there is one quirk that has long been of concern to supporters of the British royal family. In summer, the Duchess of Cambridge’s fingers barely see a speck, and everyone wonders why. Her answer has to do with her immense love for gardening.

Every time Kate Middleton goes out in public, she dazzles. It is very attractive and sophisticated, but only one element caught the attention of fans. Why does the Duchess of Cambridge usually wear at least one finger bandage?

Whether she’s wearing an expensive evening dress, an understated suit or a sultry summer dress, Prince William’s wife seems to have a necessary “accessory”. There is a bald spot on at least one finger. He only bandages his fingers a few times a year. This is what she looked like at her latest appearance, the Chelsea Flower Show, earlier this week. Her right thumb has been corrected, but the mystery has only recently been solved.

The palace garden was designed by Kate Middleton.


Many people assumed that, despite her beauty, Kate Middleton was a newbie in the kitchen. Her passion for gardening resulted in constant finger ulcers. The Duchess spends a lot of time in the garden, where she does not sit at all, because she has a passion for flowers and landscaping the palace. According to the Daily Mail, he regularly injured his hands.

She was responsible for the famous gardens of Kensington Palace and Prince’s Hall in Norfolk. He is now also working on the Back to Nature initiative at the Chelsea Flower Show. Created by Kate Middleton to encourage children to spend more time outdoors. Tree house, waterfall, hut, campfire pit as well as logs, stone bridges and logs for children to play can be found in the garden.

“I truly believe that being in nature and spending time outdoors, especially for young children, can have tremendous physical and mental health benefits.” and encourage children to get outside, enjoy nature and have quality time together,” the Duchess of Cambridge told BBC.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have spent the past few months helping their mother collect ground moss, leaves and twigs to decorate the garden. A shelter was built in the garden from the hazelnut branches harvested by the family.

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