Every time she slept and fell asleep, someone always removed the covers from her



A chilling video has surfaced online that claims to show a “ghost” wreaking havoc in a woman’s bedroom by removing her bed and turning off the light.

The terrifying woman appears to have set up the hidden camera in her home to record the other soul’s terrifying behavior.

The bizarre footage begins normally, but then the door slowly opens, as if the phantom had just entered the room.

Then, all of a sudden, the duvet begins to pull away from the householder, and she is knocked out cold.


Before turning on her lights, she starts feeling around to make sure there’s nothing on her bed, but they’re mysteriously shut off.

The woman, terrified and perplexed, leaps from her bed and rushes out of the room to turn on the corridor lights.

When she returns, she gets back into bed, turns on the lights, and they abruptly turn off again, prompting her to reach for her phone.

After some time spent staring at the door, it appears that the spook has vanished, and the woman resumes her sleep.

Since it was posted on YouTube yesterday, the spooky video has been viewed nearly 200 times and has garnered a few comments from other users.

However, a few of them were skeptical about the clip, with one skeptic writing, “Horrible acting.”

While another person stated, “We can come to the conclusion that ghosts are just trolls who like to tamper with doors, blankets, and light switches based on practically every so-called “ghost-sighting-footage.”

What do you think?