Family Members Honor Grandmother By Bringing The Quilts She Made For Them At Her Funeral Service.


Old women tend to have a passion which they have inherited from their youth. Whether it is cooking, (like my grandmother), knitting, or quilting, grannies have this hobby without which their days would have been full of boredom. At the end of each work, grannies decide which is the next one that is going to get the present. And family members always love it. I love it whenever my grandmother gives me some food that she made with love. Today she gave me two Easter eggs and I know that what I am about to eat is going to be delicious.

For other people, they get to have things such as quilts, to keep them warm during cold winter nights. These are the memories that grannies leave in our minds and hearts so that we might be reminded of their compassion forever. And on the other hand, we might even get to have them as role models for the way that we want to raise our children and grandchildren. After a grandparent passes away, the grandchildren gather all around to honor their presence once more.

But the grandkids of this particular granny did something so special that has the need for an article. When Margaret Hubl passed away, she was accompanied in the church, by every quilt she ever gave to one of her grandchildren. Margaret started quilting in her youth. It was her passion. Together with her husband, she raised five children. Three of her own and two were her nephew and niece which lost their parents to an accident at a young age. While raising the kids at their farmhouse, Margaret started quilting for them so they would never be cold. 


As she aged, she had thirteen grandchildren and she quilted for each and every one of them. Margaret would give the quilts as a present for a special occasion like a graduation or a wedding. After she passed away, her grandchildren found a notebook where Margaret would keep a note of every quilt she ever gave as a present, with the starting date, the finishing date, and the name of the person who got the present. That’s it when her grandkids came up with the idea of bringing to the church every quilt that she ever gave as a present to her grandkids.



The church stools were covered in colors as the quilts were on top of them. The energy in the air filled with positivity and I bet that Margaret was shedding tears of joy from Heaven. After all, she always assured that her grandkids would be warm and gave them quilts to remind them of her.


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