Four teens perform a new dance development that encourages all their classmates

July 2, 2020 Videos


This is the prom night, and students in this high school will receive a special reward when four of their classmates take to the stage.

The viral video begins with four teenagers wearing suspenders and the same clothes on stage.

They are going to play an unforgettable dance routine, which they call “the development of a new dance” – a film about the original “dance development” – a massive YouTube video about a dancer Jason Lebley, who has been performing a mix of dance styles for decades.

Young people begin their classes with a dance to Ben E. King’s classic song, “Stay with Me.” They quickly confused dance madness of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. The audience exclaims them enthusiastically, while the energy and excitement of their routine continues to grow.

See how these little dancers give their classmates an unforgettable concert!

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