Giraffe Approaches A Car Crying, Begging For Help To Ease Its Deep Pain


A giraffe approached a car in hopes that they would offer much-needed help to overcome the pain. Her face only expressed the sadness that she felt.

Unfortunately, the news about acts of evil against animals is still the order of the day and is increasing as the years go by; Not even in the XXI century, the different species cease to be the target of humans and practices that were believed to have been eradicated for years.

A poor giraffe was the victim of the brutality with which some treat Mother Nature. Bai Xinyi, a journalist from Taiwan, denounced through her social networks a fact that is frankly painful and reprehensible from all points of view.

The animal, which was prowling through a sector of the Masai area, had a kind of necklace made of wires that firmly tightened its neck, and which was surely part of a trap set by clandestine hunters.

With deep regret, the presenter related that during a trip to Africa to film a program about wildlife, she encountered this unfortunate scene, totally hopeless, on her journey, ensuring that tears seemed to flow from the quadruped’s eyes, as if crying out for help.

“I was crying with pain and abandonment.”

The poor giraffe with a wire collar around her neck cried out to be released

Despite the fact that this time the animal was lucky to stay alive, others unfortunately do not have the same fate.

“This giraffe stood in front of the car and we could see tears streaming from her eyes.

We didn’t understand much until we got closer and saw that her neck was surrounded by a broken metal wire. I think she wanted us to ask for help, ”Xinyi assured.


Poaching and changes in land ownership have significantly decreased wildlife in the area where this giraffe was sighted.

These animals are sought after for their skins, teeth and meat, and exported mainly to Asia, where they are used to make special potions and ointments.
Some even believe that the spinal cord and brain of the giraffe serve to cure HIV, among other dark myths that hover around these cultures.

“This poor, innocent giraffe was lucky enough to escape the trap, but when I saw her, it broke my heart to think about what the humans did to her. I apologized on behalf of the humans who caused her such great pain, “added the reporter.

Finally, Xinyi says that he called a ranger to remove the wire from the giraffe’s neck, which he managed to do after anesthetizing it, since it represented a rather delicate task.

However, this does not solve the underlying problem: something must be done to stop poaching. It is not fair that some do this practice as a “hobby” at the cost of the pain of innocent animals.
We must get involved in this serious problem so that it does not continue to happen, and so that the authorities take drastic measures against those who are dedicated to attempting against the lives of innocents instead of preserving.

Despite the great cruelty against animals, these terrible acts do not occupy the front pages of any newspaper nor do they seem to scandalize the population too much.

The case of this giraffe invites us to reflect on all the animals that suffer the ravages of the negligence and lack of empathy of some human beings, hunting and the cruel industries that threaten so many species important to our ecosystem.

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