A girl came back from school and had her hair cut by a teacher


The father of a seven-year-old girl who was cut at school without her parents’ consent has sued the institution and two teachers and is demanding $ 1 million in compensation.

Jimmy Hoffmeyer says in the complaint that his daughter’s constitutional rights, of mixed race, have been violated. Meanwhile, he withdrew his daughter from the school, according to the BBC.

An investigation by the school inspectorate concluded in July that the teacher violated the school’s policy, but did not act due to racial prejudice. She was reprimanded and remained in office at Ganiard Primary School in Mount Pleasant.


Jimmy Hoffmeyer said that in April last year, his daughter, Jurnee, returned home from school with her hair on one side of her severed head. A classmate had cut her long, curly hair with scissors on the school bus.

Two days later, Jurnee returned home from school with her hair on the other side of her severed head, although in the meantime she had been taken to a hairdresser and had an asymmetrical haircut to hide the disaster caused by the girl’s colleague.

The father initially thought it was another child’s child, but Jurnee told him that a teacher had done it. “The teacher cut her hair to straighten it,” said the father.

The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in western Michigan against the Mount Pleasant Public Schools Department and two teachers.

In addition to violating the constitutional rights of the child, the reasons for the trial include racial discrimination, ethnic intimidation, intentional provocation of emotional suffering, and aggression.

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