This guy’s facebook post about an unexpected encounter at a small town mechanic shop has gone viral


A man’s Facebook story has recently gone viral, describing an unexpected encounter with a man at a small town mechanic shop. Read his post below.


Let me tell you the story of Glenn. I had to go to a funeral yesterday up by Green Bay, Wisconsin. As it was a long drive I spent the night in La Crosse and then jumped on the road about 5:30am. About 6am I started to hear a slight grind in my left front tire, by 6:30am it had gotten a little louder and by 7am it sounded like a metal on metal crime! I was almost sure the wheel bearing was going out. As I was cutting across Wisconsin I was taking back roads and knew that I was going to be in the middle of nowhere and was going to have to stop.

About that time I pulled into Wild Rose, Wisconsin and saw a little store / auto service garage. It was a little after 7am when I walked in HOPING someone would be there to help. As I walked in an older gentlemen was putting oil on a shelf as I stupidly asked him ‘Do you work here?’ (Of course he worked there….random people don’t just walk into stores and stock shelves). He said he did and asked what was wrong. I told him about the noise and he noticed that I was all dressed up and asked where I was off to? I told him I was from Iowa on my way to a funeral.

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