Hauser plays “River Flows In You” Author: Yiruma, Krka Waterfalls

June 30, 2020 Videos


Hauser is a Croatian singer who is best known as a member of the 2Cello duet in which she performs Luca Solic from Slovenia.

A few years ago, Stepan Hauser decided to do several shows alone, and he already has over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

These days, he posted an excellent video on his YouTube channel in which he performed the famous song “River Flows In You” on the cello, which was originally performed by Korean composer and pianist Yiruma.

Stepan Hauser also impressed many with his surroundings – he performed this song along with the stunning beauty of Karka waterfalls in Karka National Park in Croatia.

Listen to the stunning performance of Croatian musician Stepan Hauser, who was a music lover. Do you like it too?

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