The Image You See First In This Optical Illusion Could Reveal Your Deepest Strength


There are many great optical illusions in existence. Many of these are created just for fun. Looking at them makes our mind think in different ways, and it often baffles us how what we see can even change without the image itself actually changing.

Other optical illusions are created with a purpose. These illusions can tell us something about ourselves. Just by looking at them and being honest with ourselves about what we see, we can learn something about the way our brain works, our tendencies and our strengths.

It’s good to be self-aware, so we love optical illusions that help us learn about ourselves. If you love these kinds of optical illusions as well, this one is a treat, because you’re going to learn about your strengths.

In the picture below, there are different images. While one person may notice one of the images first, another person may notice a different image. When you look at the picture, be honest with yourself about what you see first. If you have seen this picture before (like at the top of this article), be honest with yourself about what you remember noticing first.


What you noticed first about this picture may reveal several of your greatest strengths, so if you really want to get to know yourself, keep in mind the very first thing you noticed about the picture above. There are only three options. You either noticed the little girl, the scenery or the skull.

If you noticed the little girl first, that means you have a youthful optimism about you no matter how old you are. You handle pressure well, and you face challenges with youthful optimism and resilience.

If you noticed the scenery first, that means you’re pretty fearless. The scenery in this picture is of a pretty foreboding looking wooded area. Who knows what could be lurking in those dark woods? You don’t care. You’re ready to go exploring and find your own way. You stay calm in situations where other people might panic. You should trust your instincts.

If you noticed the skull first, don’t worry. Yes, we sometimes associate skulls with death, but that’s not what it means here. In this case, the skull actually represents the power of your mind. Your intellect is one of your greatest strengths. Yes, that’s true even if you didn’t get all As in school. Acing tests is not the only measure of how smart someone is.

Which image did you notice first, the little girl, the scenery or the skull? Do you think the description of your strengths is accurate?

What do you think?