They installed a video camera and wanted to see what was going on in their house



This week, a South Carolina babysitter was found guilty of child molestation after his dog informed the child’s parents that the babysitter was molesting the child, according to his father and authorities speaking to

Last year, 7-month-old Vin Jordan’s parents had a feeling something was wrong when their dog started growling and snarling at their 22-year-old babysitter, Alexis Kahn.

“When Alexis was around, we observed that the dog became very aggressive against her. He would make an angry noise and position himself between our son and our daughter. We could tell something was wrong because the hair on the back of his neck would stand up on end “Benjamin Jordan stated.

Khan had been working with the family for a period of five months prior to the Jordans developing their suspicions about him. Jordan mentioned that before to hiring the woman to watch the youngster while he and his wife were at work, they conducted a background check on her and found out that she had previous experience as a babysitter.


Killian, a dog that was a mix of a black lab and a German shepherd, was typically a calm and loving pooch, but his behavior was not typical.


According to the court documents and the officials, Finn’s parents hid an iPhone beneath the couch in the living area so that they could record audio of Khan in the expectation that they would hear her mistreating the dog.

Instead, they were taken aback by what they heard.



On the recording, Khan can be heard yelling expletives at the little child and telling him to “shut the f*** up.” It can be heard that the infant is sobbing, and other sounds that seem like slapping and shaking can also be heard.


Jordan, who had the infant sent to the hospital for examination right away, stated, “We just could not believe it.”


In spite of the fact that the boy’s doctors determined that he was in excellent health, the authorities were notified. After initial concerns that an audio recording would not be sufficient to file charges against Khan, a Charleston police investigator interviewed the woman and obtained a complete confession from her over the course of the conversation.


A little over a year to the day that the Jordans initially recorded Khan, the woman made her appearance in a court in Charleston, South Carolina, and pleaded guilty to assault and battery on the same day.


The judge handed down the maximum sentence of three years in prison, and her name will be entered into a registry of child abusers. This will bar her from ever again working with children in any capacity.


Jordan posed the following question: “Who knows how many children she has mistreated or how many more she would have if it hadn’t been for our dog?”

Killian is not finished being a hero just yet. He is presently undergoing the necessary steps to become a mental service animal.

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