Jim Nebors Performs Erotic Version of “The Impossible Dream” on “Jomer Pyle, USA”

September 4, 2020 Videos


“The Impossible Dream” is one of the classic Broadway poems of the 1960s. The song, performed by great musicians such as Sinatra and Elvis, is still popular today for its inspiring lyrics about overcoming life’s challenges. One of the most famous versions comes from an unexpected source – a comedy TV show. This is because it was sung by the talented actor / singer Jim Nabors.

When Andy Griffith finds out about Jim Nebors, he is hired to play the one-off role of Jomer Pyle, a “spoiled” gas station worker, on The Andy Griffith Show. His appearance was so popular that the actor was a regular on the show and later starred in his hit TV show Jomer Pyle, USMC.

During his time on The Andy Griffith Show, Nebors showcased not only his comedic talents but also his rich voice. This would lead to a successful music career (he has recorded 28 albums!). One of the notable performances was Homer Bale’s “Impossible Dream”, shown in the video below.

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