Kid poured water on a female cat, so she poured a whole bowl of water for class

May 25, 2020 STORIES


The Internet is the fantastic location for debating. And one debate has received a lot of interest recently, simply due to the fact it appears like every person is each proper and wrong. Twitter consumer Shannoncooperox shared the state of affairs between her and her neighbors. The neighbor’s 10-year-old youngster poured a glass of water on her cat besides reason, and she obtained again at him by way of pouring a entire basin of water on him. Understandably, the kid’s father used to be now not completely happy about it and started out a fight.

Now, there are two giant groups, one siding with the woman, pronouncing that the youngster was once now not delivered up very properly and deserved a lesson. The different team claims that she had no proper to supply training to different people’s kids. Some human beings trust that absolutely everyone is to blame.

The state of affairs acquired odd when Shannon defined that her neighbor’s youngster is in truth 13, however “looks 10.” She additionally mentioned that the youngster and his father had been amused with what took place later on and gave some tips that they are in reality friends.

Shannon wrote about how she poured water over her neighbor’s youngster because he threw water on her kitty

Shannon wrote about how she poured water over her neighbor’s youngster because he threw water on her kitty

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via: shannoncooperox
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This is the cat in question:

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This post got a lot of attention on the Internet. Over 578k people liked her post, more than 70.2k retweeted it, and the numbers are constantly increasing. She later wrote that because of the attention, she’s been getting a lot of direct messages, and man inappropriate photos.

It doesn’t matter what people think of her actions – such reactions are just unacceptable, or as she put it: “Wtf is wrong with people I don’t wanna see that [crap].” This story has drawn a lot of issues out of the closet- good parenting and how to be a good neighbor…

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