He lives on the street and had no money to buy food when he found a wallet full of money


A homeless man finds a wallet, returns it and is rewarded with a job and an apartment.
When Waralup, a 44-year-old Thai man, saw a merchant’s wallet filled with 22,000 baht (about 2,000 lei) and cards, he had 9 baht (about 1 lei) in his pocket. Rather than spend the money he found in Essen, the man went to the local police station and handed in his wallet.

His good deed did not go unnoticed. Nate Pongkryangios, the wallet owner, was delighted to return her wallet and offered the researcher a job at his factory in Bangkok. The wallet owner was surprised by Waralup’s generosity and gratitude and said he was a very good guy, just the kind he needs at work.


Waralop’s new position comes with an apartment and a monthly income of 11,000 baht (about US$300).

Waralop claimed that he saw Nitty’s handbag lying asleep in the subway station where he was staying and that he followed the owner but had no success, so he went to the police. Despite being a street gentleman, the man praised her for the delicacy with which he treated her.

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