Man finds a rotting metal box in the backyard not knowing it holds a lost treasure inside of it


As children, we dream of finding the lost treasure in our backyard, and we imagine a lot of treasures that will bring us riches. For a single man from Staten Island, New York, that childhood dream came true when he learned that a rusty old chest in his backyard was actually an unopened safe.

For 4 years, Matthew Emmanuel noticed a rusty box hidden among the trees in his garden, but he thought it was an old rusty electrical box. He didn’t think of anything himself, he left it until the day he hired workers to come and lay the bamboos where the old trees stood. It was then that he learned that the rusty electrical box was actually a safe. Shocked, he opened it, not expecting it to actually contain any treasures inside, but he was wrong, and the safe held a lot more history than he thought.

Inside he found cash, jewelry, diamonds, precious jade, engagement ring, gold, etc. Matthew was speechless. How was it possible that this safe had been left in his garden? After unpacking the contents inside, he found a piece of paper with a title written on it.


This address was the address of his next door neighbor. Looking for answers, Matthew went to his neighbor’s house and asked if he had been robbed.

It seemed like a strange question to them but they answered yes and mentioned that they had been robbed 7 years ago. After checking with the police, it was actually true that his neighbors presented a 7-year-old burglary for $52,000 in assets.

Matthew couldn’t believe it and knew the right decision was to return the safe to his neighbors – a good deed that we hope he returns to.

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