Man Lived With Wild Gorillas For 6 Years Ignores Warnings To Introduce His Wife To His Gorilla Family


Ecologist Damien Aspinal has decided to introduce his new wife, Victoria, to his two gorilla friends, Dgalta and Emma. He was convinced that he was doing the right thing despite the warnings of his colleagues. However, he was unprepared for the kind of reaction expressed by the gorilla.

Damian raised Galta and Emma when they were young to 12-year-old monkeys before releasing them into the woods. He found his old friends after four years in their natural environment.

Victoria was meeting animals for the first time. However, Damian had to be careful. The monkeys didn’t like people visiting their land and Damien had to be careful.


The couple crossed a river full of crocodiles to meet the monkeys.

Although they had been in the woods for many years, the two monkeys happily welcomed Damian with open arms and fell in love with Victoria. Pretty 300lb Emma allowed Victoria to lie on her lap while he played with her hair. He even stole his hat.

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