Mom gets angry after throwing away son’s lunch because it’s unhealthy.


While eating right is vital to maintaining physical fitness and overall fitness, it’s not as simple as it seems. In our busy lives, most of us hardly have time to eat and it is often impossible to prepare it ourselves.

When it comes to our children, we do our best to teach them to eat healthy from an early age so that it becomes a habit.

However, a Canadian mother claimed that her young son’s education had gone too far when she found the lunch he had brought home harmful and threw it away.

Durham Catholic District School started the Healthy Eating Initiative and provided students with only healthy food. Parents were invited to take the initiative and think about what to put in their children’s lunch boxes.

A mother then packed a slice of banana bread for her son, which he liked. However, to the teacher’s surprise, the selection was harmful because there were chocolate chips in it, so she took them and threw them in front of everyone. The four-year-old had grapes for lunch that day, because that was all he had after he had his meal of it.


His mother, Elena Daust, was furious that her son had to go through such a painful ordeal.

“He took a map (with healthy eating alternatives) and told me he and the coach had talked about it and had good options. She also texted me. She told The Star: ‘I was real, real , really angry for a number of reasons.'”

Golden biscuits, juice boxes, granola bars, chocolate milk, cheese and fruit snacks were among the items school staff were not allowed to eat.

Elena’s son wasn’t the only one who didn’t get his lunch, about 30 other parents reported their children had the same experience.

However, the school believes it has every right to use poor quality baby food, as healthy eating is now part of the curriculum and students need to be able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy.

However, not everyone agrees with the school’s approach. “There is no place in our policies or procedures that says our staff can take food from the student,” said James McKinnon, the school board’s education and learning advisor.

What do you think of the politics at this school? What would you do if you were in this mom’s situation?

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