A mother of eight children has spoken out about having a baby at the tender age of 15


A mother of eight spoke about having a baby when she was 15 and the difficulties she faced.

Sharon Jabbour had barely graduated from high school when she became pregnant with her first child in 1999, a small miracle that the 34-year-old said she advised her to have an abortion and vigorously condemned her.

“You see shock and disappointment everywhere, people are watching and mumbling and shaking their heads.” “This is how I am brought back as a young mother,” commented Sharon, a mother from Melbourne, on the tsunami project’s website.

The majority of people advised me that I was too young and should have an abortion. “It was never an option for me.”

Sharon hid her growing belly from prying eyes while her classmates played with notes in class or grappled with the challenges of puberty.

She recalled, “I purposely wanted to wear bigger clothes to hide my growing belly because I was embarrassed.”

“It worked, so I put my baby in a stroller because I had nowhere to hide at the time,” she says.

Simone was born to a school-age mother two months after her mother’s 16th birthday and described the experience as “love at first sight”.

Despite her youth and the challenges that lay ahead, Sharon says she knew she wanted a large family with her child’s father right away.


Symonne, 18, Celinna, 15, Tifinney, 13, Sebastian, 12, Alesha and Ethan, 10, Amaliyah, four, and Aliyrah, two, are the business owner’s eight children with her now-husband Ramsey.


Sharon recognizes the social and financial consequences of adolescent pregnancy, but she is proud of the empire she and her husband have built.



‘Both Ramsey and I are 34 years old, we own our home, have two cars, two businesses, and I work full-time,’ she explained.


‘I am proof that being a young mother does not mean your life is over or that you will never achieve your goals.’ You become what you are willing to put in the effort to achieve.’

She also claims that being a young mother has numerous advantages, including the opportunity to form genuine bonds with her children.


‘Some kids feel embarrassed to be with their parents, but because I’m younger, I’ve been able to form a close bond with them,’ Sharon told the Daily Mail Australia.


‘When we go shopping, my older girls are overjoyed to have me come out with them and lock arms with them.’


Sharon now works as a manager for a data-marketing firm and operates the Lullabye Baby website.

The busy mother says she works hard to provide the greatest opportunity for her children and pushes them to pursue higher education.


‘I’ve always been upfront and honest with my children, explaining that having children when you’re young is difficult, that your life is placed on pause as you become responsible for another human being’s life, and that my upbringing was quite different from theirs,’ Sharon continues.


‘But it’s also not acceptable that young mothers are unfairly classified.’ There are a lot of people out there, like me, who devote their entire lives to raising their children.’

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