Once the woman noticed that the neighbor in the outbuilding was putting dirty laundry on the wire.


A woman always spread dirty clothes on dry land. The increasingly crowded building blocks can become a problem for any family. A young newlywed couple noticed that the neighbor across the room was spreading dirty laundry every morning. Seeing this, the young woman went to the woman to get her a new detergent. What was, in fact, the reason?

A woman always spread dirty clothes on dry land. A couple offered to bring her new detergent. What was, in fact, the reason?

A woman always spread dirty clothes on dry land. There are cases in which the built blocks of flats are crowded and the intimacy of the family no longer exists. There were situations when some families were concerned about the lives of other neighbors, given that they could observe their daily lives. It is also the case of a newly married couple. The two young men moved to an apartment a few months ago and noticed that the neighbor in the block opposite was spreading dirty clothes. Moreover, the woman placed them very nicely and took care of them. The young men enjoyed their morning coffee together in the kitchen, and the young wife was captivated by the gestures made by her neighbor. She couldn’t stand it anymore and told her husband that their neighbor was spreading dirty clothes.


“Do you see what I see?”
– What the?
– The neighbor in the block next door. Spread dirty laundry. Why is she doing this? – Hmm – I can’t see that far. That may be so.

Looking closer, the young woman told her partner that maybe their neighbor didn’t have money for detergent. The days passed and the young people ate breakfast together every morning, and every week, the woman noticed the neighbor spreading dirty clothes. She said she felt sorry for the woman, and wanted to go get her a new detergent. Her husband did not give his opinion and continued to look on the phone.

One day, the wife told her husband that her neighbor had clean clothes, being very surprised, believing that she had finally changed her detergent. The man’s reply went viral.

– Look! Now she has clean clothes! I think she changed her detergent.
“My dear, the housekeeper passed by yesterday and washed our windows.”

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