The parents went to the son’s grave and saw that only he had green grass!


Raymond and Rachel Villasenor had to say goodbye to their son Joseph early on. He was a sergeant in the United States Air Force and died at the age of 36.

Joseph served his country for 16 years before dying in 2010. But when his parents visited his grave one day, they noticed that only the grass on his grave was green and all the surrounding graves were completely brown and dry. They couldn’t believe their eyes and thought it was a real miracle.

Jake Resig, 86, recently lost his wife and would occasionally come to the cemetery to bring flowers when he saw a woman crying. So Jake went to calm her down and told him she was sad that her brother had been taken from this world so early.


After leaving the cemetery, Jake promises to do something for Joseph. So every day when he came to his wife’s tomb, he watered the woman’s tomb and Joseph’s tomb.

When his parents found out why, they couldn’t help but hug this old man for his amazing gesture.

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