She was pregnant and the accident caused a serious head injury.


Police officer Amelia El Banna, 34, was involved in a car accident in November while she was in a car with six other people, including her husband, who escaped unharmed. Amelia was about six months pregnant and the accident left her with a serious head injury that left her in a coma.

The case took place in Argentina, where Amelia had been in a coma for several months. In this case, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Santino, on Christmas Eve. All this time she was treated and her condition did not change, the family made sure that the young mother was always close to her child.


The good news for relatives continued when Amelia awoke from her coma at Easter next year. A few days before this miracle, physiotherapist Roberto Gizen noticed that the patient showed reactions when she was around her baby and especially when the baby touched her skin and she realized that this proximity could help the young woman. Restoration.“We can’t talk about the sequelae yet. We’ll see later. I think that she will be able to walk (…) The contact with her son and her family is very important “ said Doctor Ferreira.

Those who know the condition of the young woman, as well as ordinary Internet users, begin to respond, declaring that everything is a miracle. “God exists! It does miracles! Amelia woke up from a coma after 5 months “wrote other users, expressing their happiness and affection for Amelia.

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