Pregnant Woman Gives Birth By Herself In Prison Cell, Says Her Cries For Help Were Ignored For Hours


Pregnancy is usually a time that is wonderful for most mothers. While it can be scary thinking about the birth of your child, the majority of new mothers know that they will be safe in a hospital, surrounded by loving family and qualified doctors and nurses. They know that they will never be left alone and that they will always have help close by.

However, for one mother, this scenario was far from true. Diana Sanchez was arrested last year and booked into the Denver County Jail. She was arrested on charges of identity theft and was taken to jail on July 14, 2018. At the time of her arrest, she was over eight months pregnant reports the BBC.

The mother is now suing her local authorities on behalf of her son, claiming that she wasn’t given the necessary care that she needed. She claims that she is experiencing ongoing emotional trauma after having to go into labor by herself. She went on to say that she went through unnecessary pain, humiliation, and terror during her stay.


The reason for this is due to the fact that Diana was forced to give birth to her son all by herself. After she had been in prison for two weeks, Diana went into labor about nine days early. According to her lawsuit, she repeatedly informed the nurses and deputies on staff that she was going through painful contractions.

A live video feed was monitoring Diana from inside of her jail cell, but the ongoing lawsuit claims that all of her cries for help were repeatedly ignored.

The shocking video shows Diana writhing in pain on a hard cot all alone. Eventually, she had to give birth to her baby all alone in the jail cell. After her baby boy was born, an individual in blue scrubs can be seen coming into the jail cell. The lawsuit states that Diana called for help for five hours and was ignored the whole time. She gave birth to a baby boy at 10:44 a.m according to KDVR.

You can watch the shocking video below. The footage may be disturbing for some viewers:

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