Prison inmates watch as their warden faints and falls, grabbing his gun and phone, eventually calling for help to save his life


Many may think that the inmates used this opportunity to break out and escape, but that didn’t happen at all. Instead, they didn’t hesitate to help the officer.

The prisoners immediately ran towards the officer, and one of them took off his gun and jacket while trying to rescue him in any way possible. Another guest grabbed his phone and started calling 911.


Fortunately, paramedics were able to rush to the scene and save the officer’s life. After being rushed to hospital, the officer received treatment and was able to return home the same day. The story quickly spread, with people around the world praising the prisoners for doing the right thing and saving the officer’s life.

One social media user commented, “Hopefully this will lessen the stereotype that not everyone in jail or jail is bad.” “There are wonderful people in prison. They’ve been in a bad place at some point in their lives.”

We couldn’t agree more! As it was a sign of good behavior, the term for each of the inmates was reduced by a quarter. We applaud them for showing the world that even people who make mistakes in life can become heroes by doing the right thing.

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