Roseanne Barr displays her makeup and long hair appearance – she’s thriving after Sara Gilbert ruined her life.


After being away from Hollywood for nearly five years, 70-year-old actress Roseanne Barr, best known for her part in the TV series “ROSEANNE,” has returned. She looks lovely in a recent image, showing off her long hair and cosmetics while allegedly flirting with Rihanna’s boyfriend, ASAP Rocky.

Roseanne Barr has a new comedy program called “Roseanne Barr: Cancel This After Her Dismissal and Subsequent Loss of Everything” that she has launched as part of her comeback. Also, a new documentary on her accomplished career was just released, adding to her list of achievements.

Following her offensive comment regarding Valerie Jarrett, a presidential adviser, Barr’s contract was terminated in 2018. She revealed that she ‘’lost everything’ in the wake of the ordeal just as her popular TV show launched its fourth season.

Barr, though refused to give up and recently spoke freely about her experiences from 2018 until the present.

Sara Gilbert, who played Barr’s on-screen daughter in “Roseanne,” was a major influence behind the revival of the program.


Gilbert, though, stated on Instagram in response to Barr’s controversial remarks that the show runners and the rest of the staff did not share those opinions. Gilbert retorted that her goals were never to damage the actress, but Barr acknowledged Gilbert’s statement for a significant portion of her downfall.

Barr has overcome her obstacles and is speaking openly about her experiences. She has reduced her Twitter activity in favor of focusing on her Instagram following. Supporters have said, “You look beautiful, Roseanne,” among other things.

Barr stated in a recent interview that she felt entirely alone because of losing her job and being disrespected by numerous individuals, including fans and coworkers. She saw that it appeared as though she was under attack from individuals who were jealous of her and wanted to see her lose.

Barr described her life’s experiences as “witch-burning” and “terrifying,” adding, I might pass away many times.” She’s happy to be back, but she won’t forget the experience soon.

In conclusion, a new comedy shows and a documentary on Roseanne Barr’s career have been launched to celebrate her comeback to the entertainment industry after a five-year break. She persevered in the face of obstacles and is honest about her experiences. Fans have expressed their support, and in a recent shot, Barr appears lovely while flunking her long hair and makeup and reportedly making out with Rihanna’s boyfriend ASAP Rocky.

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