Stubborn Husky lets mom know what he thinks of his new bed

June 30, 2019 STORIES


Zeus the Stubborn Husky is stubborn about everything! He doesn’t want to get out of the bath tub (in his infamous video)! He won’t get out of the front seat after a trip to the store. He doesn’t even want to run in the obstacle course and poops right on the course! Zeus will listen when Zeus wants to listen.

This time, he is introduced to his new bed, which will replace his old worn out bed up in the bedroom. He has a dog bed in most areas of the house because he’s spoiled. After laboring over which bed to pick for him, we came home and showed him. Check out his response!

Kaden, his long haired German Shepherd brother is always appreciative of what we bring home! They are complete opposites but best friends!

What do you think?