Swing Dancers Win Competition With Their Flawless Twist On Dance


When dance duo Ben Morris and Jennifer DeLuca took to the dance floor at the Capital Swing Dancers’ Presidents’ Day weekend convention in California, no one was expecting their unusual and completely original routine. But by the end, the pair had the judges and the audience in their hands.

The dance partners from Orange Counties competed in the classic division at the Red Lion Woodlake Hotel in Sacramento, CA. They enter the stage both wearing brown slacks.

Their “dressed down” approach doesn’t make sense until you hear their musical choice for their routine. They selected George Thorogood’s bluesy-rock tune “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” to accompany their choreography. Unconventional, to be sure.

But the moment they start twirling and swinging, you know you are in for a special routine.

Take a look at Ben and Jennifer’s fabulous dance routine in the video below.


They have a quiet, easy-going confidence of dancers that are at the top of their game and glide from move to move with ease no matter how difficult, making it look effortless.

By the time they finish the audience is on their feet giving them a standing ovation. The judges also enjoyed their dance, awarding them first place.

People viewing the video are equally impressed. One viewer wrote on YouTube: “Jaw dropping, crisp movement. I throughly enjoyed it.” Another said, “I don’t know how those two can cram so many great dance moves into one song but they do it every time!”

Another pointed out that their choreography takes patience and skill to perform and we couldn’t agree more.

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