A Teen Discovers She’s An Abortion Survivor And Wants To Meet Her Birth Mother


According to the World Health Organization, about 50 million abortions are performed worldwide every year, and about half are performed under unsafe conditions. If we convert that number to a daily average, that’s about 125,000 abortions per day. The numbers are really shocking. In the United States, there were approximately 620,000 abortions in 2016 and 820,000 in 2017, calculated based on ages 15 to 44. In the next story, we bring you the story of a woman who survived an abortion and discovered it at some point in her life. her reaction? Make sure to read to the end to learn more about her incredible story.

Teens can get a little unpredictable at some point, so parents should be careful about engaging in important conversations with them, chats that can touch their feelings. At a young age, she can be a bit passable. Melissa Ehden was only 14 years old when she heard the most unexpected news. I survived a miscarriage. At a very young age, the news shook her confidence in the world and she changed a lot, developed bad habits and dated bad “friends”. As she got older, she started to think more and more about her past and started to realize that she was a very happy person and that she should appreciate life more. She owed gratitude to a nurse who had heard her cry or she would have been dead long ago. Her mother did not know that her child was really alive. With the help of the nurses, she survives and is adopted by a loving family.


When she felt ready after 36 years, Melissa decided to look for her biological mother. During her lifetime, she researched and found that her mother was forced into an abortion by her grandmother, who did not consent to the birth. the reason? She doesn’t know why, maybe because of financial problems or because she didn’t think it was the right time, who knows? What I did know was that her mother was out there somewhere.

Now Melissa has a great relationship with her mother and she has put all her experiences and thoughts on paper and published a book explaining forgiveness. She now has a beautiful family, two young girls and a loving husband. Let’s share this story and show it to your friends and family!

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