The best man has a wardrobe malfunction at the altar, and no one can stop laughing


Tears were flowing at this wedding, not because of any poignant moment, but because of an unexpected wardrobe malfunction.

This couple’s wedding was hilariously interrupted when the groom’s best man has an embarrassing accident – while the bride and groom are in the midst of their vows, his pants slip down and fall around his ankles.


“Oh shoot” proclaims one of the audience members, who witnesses the whole scene. Seconds later, the audience bursts into laughter, but none louder than the groom.

He can’t stop giggling, and it’s made all the more funny because he’s wearing a microphone. As everyone tries to control their fits of laughter, the priest appropriately improvises, “Give us the gift of laughter and comedy”, which just makes the wedding party laugh even more.

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