The police officers line up to perform a dance routine, but the show is dominated by the police dog.


When visiting crowded areas or small parking lots, finding a parking space can be a challenging task. Even if there are ample spots available, it could be frustrating for someone with an assigned parking space if another person tries to park there.

In a bid to lighten the mood, the Yuba City Police Department and the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office collaborated on a lighthearted and amusing video that depicts what occurs when an officer from each of these agencies attempts to park in the same spot.

At the start of the video, both the police and the sheriff’s vehicles approach a building and aim for the same parking space. Despite both officers claiming it’s their designated spot, neither one is willing to give up, leading to a call for backup.

Other members of the police department and sheriff’s office show up and decide that they must find a way to settle this disagreement. In the end, they decide on a peaceful way of settling things – a dance off.


As the music plays, the officers get into the routine, but they aren’t the only ones performing a dance routine. The police dog is also at the dance off. Be sure to keep your eyes on the police dog while you watch this epic dance battle that all started because of a parking spot.

Many people have commented about the police dog. One comment reads, “The doggie is as loyal and obedient as ever…It must’ve been thinking, ‘my hooman is broken..but will follow whatever signs I get.’”

Another comment reads, “This is hysterical, fun and EXACTLY what we need. The dog is everything.”

One viewer wrote, “That gorgeous K-9 did the best job, doing spins, getting down, going left and right. What a talented pup! ;)”

What did you think of this dance video and the police dog? Have you ever gotten into an argument over a parking spot? If you do in the future, will you settle it with a dance off?

What do you think?