The treatment of an autistic child by a restaurant owner gains attention in the media.


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Owen Long sometimes struggles to adapt to new environments and experiences. This happened when he went into a restaurant one afternoon.

It all started when Owen Long and his parents decided to order takeout from Sun Cuisines, a Burmese and Thai restaurant located in Williamsville, New York.

Source: YouTube – WIVBTV

Owen’s dad knew that his boy may struggle with eating in the restaurant, hence the decision to order takeout. So the dad told him to go in, get a menu and come back to the car, where he could decide on his order in comfort.

“So he said to him, ‘Owen, just go in, get the takeout menu and come right back,’ and they practiced in the car.” – Sandra Block, Owen’s mom.

Source: YouTube – WIVBTV

Owen went inside, asked for the menu but struggled to remember what to do next.

Then he looked to Aye Thein, the restaurant owner and manager, and said, “I’m hungry.”

Source: YouTube – WIVBTV

Aye Thein looked at Owen. She could tell that he had special needs. So she asked him what he wanted to eat. Owen responded that he wanted to eat beef.

So Aye said that they would make something for him. She asked the chef to make him beef curry.

Soon, the dish arrived, and Owen tucked into the meal.

Owen’s parents were still in the car and were confused as to what was taking so long. Was there a line?

Then the parents walked inside and saw Owen eating. They were struck by the owner’s kindness.

“That is just so uncommonly kind. Like how often can you imagine someone, you know I’m gonna cry thinking about it.” – Sandra Block.

Source: YouTube – WIVBTV

The parents had seen a wide range of reactions to their son. But no stranger had ever gone out of their way to take care of him like this.

So Owen’s mom took a picture of her son and posted it with a story of the events on Facebook. Soon, the post went viral.

Aye Thein was amazed to learn that her actions had gained so much praise online. She later explained that she was just following her culture’s belief of Metta, a Buddhist principle that teaches people to spread loving-kindness to all. Clearly, many others could do with practicing Metta!

Source: YouTube – WIVBTV

And news of the Aye’s good deed would soon spread even further.

A local news team made a report on the story, which went far and wide. To date, it has gained over 154,000 views. It also has more than 1,500 likes and 100 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Clearly, Aye Thein’s good deed is setting an example for many others to follow. Imagine yourself in Aye Thein’s position. Would you have treated Owen with the same respect and kindness?

Aye Thein really shows why it’s important to integrate other cultures into America’s.

Far too often in America, people assume that it’s bad for immigrants to come to in with different attitudes. But Aye’s actions show that people from overseas are not corrupting the USA with their beliefs. In fact, they’re benefitting the country!

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