The woman operating the camera did not expect to capture something like this.


When someone does something good, we want that positivity to spread to the rest of the world.

On that note, we bring you a beautiful video that was filmed inside a New York City subway.

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In the video, a man acts with kindness after realizing a young stranger had been looking at the game he was playing.

More than 25 million YouTube users have seen the fantastic “sharing is caring” moment.

Kia Tatiyana Davis witnessed the heartwarming moment and filmed it too.

You don’t get to see such a beautiful interaction between two unlikely strangers every day.

The man and the boy managed to understand each other without words, and Davis said that “she was about to cry” when it all unfolded in front of her eyes.

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She later posted the video on her Facebook page, and people responded with hundreds of likes and comments.

Commuters usually keep to themselves while they’re on the subway, but one kid simply couldn’t take eyes off of a stranger’s phone screen.

The video is short, but its message is powerful.

You’ll see a man sitting next to a little boy.

The man’s sporting his earphones, and he’s busy doing something on his phone.

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Judging by the amount of interest the boy displayed, we would say that the man is probably playing a video game.

You can see that the boy is continuously looking at the stranger’s phone.

At first, the man didn’t realize it, but soon, their eyes met.

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A smile was all the boy needed.


There are probably some people who would have reacted differently, but the amount of kindness that the man has shown stunned us.

He gave the boy a quick smile and showed him that he wasn’t at all bothered by the kid’s curiosity.

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It looked like a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Soon enough, the man decides to share his phone with the kiddo.

Surprisingly, the man unplugs his earphones and hands his phone to the boy.

The little fellow couldn’t believe it, but he accepted the offer and began to play the game.

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We assume that the man is good with the kids.

He either has his kids or maybe he’s someone’s uncle or an educator.

Whatever the case is, everyone around him must be proud for having such a noble young man in their lives.

The child’s joy is the biggest reward.

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Let’s hope that the video will inspire more people to pause for a moment and share everything they don’t need.

The boy’s interest led to a friendly contact between the two, and look how easy and extraordinary it was.

We have seen many fun stuff on the subway: from impromptu performances to stand-up comedy shows.

However, this video has impacted us a lot, and it is the most extraordinary thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Watch the video below to see the interaction for yourself.

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