After two years of applications and interviews


After two years of applications and interviews and rejection after rejection, I’d started to believe the hate comments and messages; maybe I would never be able to work as a bedside nurse again. I was about to give up when I had one final interview for a position on a Mother/Baby Unit at a local level 1 trauma center. After so much rejection, I figured they would take one look at my disabled body and turn me down. But to my surprise, when I brought up my chair the response wasn’t what I was used to. Instead I heard, “I don’t see why being in a wheelchair would impact your ability to deliver good nursing care in the slightest…plus, you’re the perfect height to catch.” 😉


I was STUNNED to say the least. I kept thinking “They made a mistake,” and, “Maybe I misheard them.” So much so that I barely told ANYONE until I had my orientation schedule in hand. But it WAS real and I didn’t mishear a thing. Monday I will begin orientation for my new job as a nightshift staff nurse on Mother/Baby and the hospital’s very first RN on wheels. 🤗 I still keep thinking I’m going to wake up from this incredible dream. Y’all pray for me as this trauma junkie learns a VERY different specialty! Stay tuned for more as I navigate entering back into the world of bedside nursing, ON WHEELS! 😷♿️♥️

Credit: Ryann

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