A UPS driver adopts a friendly cop on her street after the dog’s owner dies



A UPS driver in California adopted a dog that had been living in their driveway after the death of its owner. Katie Neuhauser is a UPS driver in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and whenever she pulls up at the apartment where a Leo cop lives, he comes up, says hello, and jumps in her truck.

Katie shared a few pictures of Leo and her with UPS Dogs on Facebook and wrote, “This is Leo …. he would always start barking as I pulled into the condo complex……He would always jump into my truck when I stopped…. his owner passed away and now he lives with me.”


Katie Newhouser

Leo ended up with Katie after she returned from vacation last year and learned that Leo’s mom had passed away. She approached the son, who is a Marine (so couldn’t take Leo in), and offered to foster Leo. He agreed and when she brought him home to meet her other dogs, they hit it off so well that she decided to make the arrangement permanent.

“It was probably confusing for him at first, [but] he has adapted well,” Katie told the Pup Journal. “He and his brother Moose are inseparable. Bailey, his sister, has taken a while to come around, [but] they actually play now … once Leo was introduced into the house, the whole vibe changed.”

She says that when she first brought Leo home he would whine and be a little bit sad, but he has gradually become one of the family and his happy with them.

“He has so much personality, you would think that he is human!” said Katie. “He is the sweetest, most lovable dog that you will ever meet.”

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