When the plumber feels a soft lump on his foot in the lake


Comic book superheroes aren’t the ones to save the day when disaster strikes. Angelo Mondragon, for example, is an ordinary person who saves the day.

At first glance, Angelou seems like a typical worker. The 32-year-old Colorado local plumber and devout parent could never have guessed what happened during a fun family vacation in Lake Windsor in 2015.

Angelo had just stepped into the lake and was waist-deep when he felt something grab his foot. He knew immediately that something was terribly wrong.

“The newborn’s toes emerged. Only the soles of the feet were visible. That became my baby at that point,” he said.

Angelou quickly and calmly pulled the limp baby “already blue” out of the water. The victim was 3-year-old Settali Hernandez, who ran away from his family and drowned in the lake.

Angelou said: “I screamed, screamed and was scared, but I felt wonderfully calm.”

Fortunately, there were two board-certified nurses who teamed up to perform CPR and immediately resuscitate the young child.


“I took a deep breath and immediately exhaled,” Angelou explained.

Angelo has stated that he is not a hero but a parent and that Sitali will always hold a special place in his heart.

He says, “I am a father.” I also saw a child asking for help. It’s not something you want to think about. “You don’t want to put yourself in that situation,” Angelou said.

Little Sitlali was immediately taken to the hospital where she soon woke up and talked aloud to her mother who, as any mother would expect, could not find the words to thank Angelo and hugged him tightly the first time they met. met.

Sitlali has now fully recovered and she and her family recently met the hero who saved her life.

To change everything, it only takes a second to think fast and do the right thing! I can’t imagine what a disaster would have happened if Angelo hadn’t been to the beach that day!

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