While she was dying slowly, he tried to lift her and puts himself in front of her to protect her


We reported that there were seven animals at that location. Five of them were starving to death. The mother and her puppies, that’s all that’s left.

The mother is chained, unable to protect her young or escape the situation. She is slowly dying, and the only person who has cared for her up to that point has been her puppy, the only one left. One of the saddest scenes we’ve ever seen happened between them during a rescue operation.

The puppy is constantly trying to lift the mother who cannot even stand and places himself in front of her to protect her. We don’t know if she’ll survive or not, but he’s still by her side. We want to shout to the four winds that this is a crime, that it is inhumane, and this person must be arrested.

We took them to the vet clinic. They were almost starving to death. We first give them some food. They ate greedily

The mother dog was very weak and her puppy was trying to protect and save her all the time. Look at this love and kindness between them.


The mother dog can stand now but she is very weak. We believe it cannot serve. We named the mother Arizona and the spunky pup Texas.

Three days later, after we had done everything we could, our mother, Arizona, was gone!! We have no words to describe the sadness we feel at your passing and the void you will leave for your puppy. He cried from the moment he left her. It’s so hurtful to see this breakup, guys.

On Monday, the Texas Cough Board began. He was examined and suspected of having pneumonia. He has already started treatment. But he still needs help with blood tests, X-rays and staying in the hospital. Texas has suffered enough, and all we want more for him is a happy ending.

He watched his brothers starve to death, one by one. Even as he was hungry, in pain and slowly dying, he chose to stay beside his chained mother. He stayed by her side until she took her last breath. He is a warrior survivor. But he’s also just a kid.

He deserves to be part of a family to be happy. To be loved. He is very intelligent, has learned how to sit, and loves the company of humans and other dogs. He remains in hospital and is responding well to treatment. We are very optimistic about his recovery.

A month later and today it is called Texas Chico. Guess what, his new mother gave him this charming name. Yes he found his forever home. He’s got a magical home, full of flowers, love, caresses, cuddles, endless hugs and lots of cuddling.

May life be easy and happy for you. The future will be different for him, and we’re sure mommy Arizona is watching wherever she is.

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