A woman left her husband of 20 years for a ‘boy’s game’


When Joanna Girling and her husband of 20 years visited Egypt in 2018, Hassan Kahlied, 24, was working as a server at the Sharn-El-Sheikh hotel.

When Kahlied treated her with attention, she disclosed that she hadn’t slept with her spouse in about a decade.

Like many married couples, they got less and less attracted to one other, but they stayed together for convenience, the Tesco employee explained.

When her spouse was not at the table one night, Kahlied came over and persuaded her to spend the next day with him in the city.

He was so flirtatious right away that she knew he liked her. They were conversing, and for the first time in years, he made her feel sexy. She started going out in the afternoon to meet him while John was relaxing by the pool, she explained. She wanted to sleep with him since the first time she saw him, however Hassan said they’d need a false marriage certificate first. They couldn’t rent a room together since Egypt prohibits premarital sex.

They obtained a forged marriage certificate and leased an apartment in order to have sex.

It was great since he was so youthful and eager. After 10 years of no physical touch, it was the finest sex of her life. She realized she had to leave her marriage at that point. They hadn’t had any physical touch in a decade. It was no longer a marriage; it was no longer a way to live. It was the conclusion of her tour, but Hassan wanted to see her again, so she was making preparations to return even on the way home, Girling explained.

She dissolved her marriage and admitted to the affair after returning home to Norfolk.

He was outraged, but he’d sensed something was going on, Girling recalled. They didn’t have children, but they did have seven dogs.

She worked night shifts at Tesco for two months in the UK and transferred money to Kahlied to pay for food and expenses.

She sent him £400 to assist him. She didn’t seek proof since she believed he was giving her the truth, she stated.

When she returned to Hurghada in August 2018, she brought gifts for Kahlied, including pants, shirts, trainers, aftershave, and a bottle of Cognac.

He also grabbed possession of her £1,100 vacation money, stating he’d manage it. She was astonished at first, but he clarified that it was customary in Egypt for males to handle money. He said he desired to look after her, so she gave him all of her money, she stated.

They hired an apartment using their forged marriage certificate and spent their days sunning and being amorous.

They were having sex all the time, they just couldn’t get enough of each other, Girling explained, but after a few weeks, Hassan was leaving for days at a time, claiming that he needed to see his family.

She said that he once left her for two days without money, forcing her to take a job at a nursery to make ends meet.

She’d call him, but there’d be no answer. She had no funds after her divorce; all she had was the cash she’d taken with her, she stated.


She became increasingly concerned of his disappearances and inquired of their neighbors where Kahlied was going.

One neighbor speculated that Hassan had gone home to throw an engagement party because he was getting married. She was heartbroken, but Hassan claimed through text that it wasn’t real, and when he returned after 10 days, he dismissed it, she stated.

He requested her to return home for a few weeks towards the end of August. He stated that the flat was too pricey and that Girling should save more money since he couldn’t sustain them on his wages.

She was heartbroken to go, she said. But he had a point; she had no money left, and he just made a pittance as a server. Her vacation funds had all been depleted, so the idea was for her to return home, spend time with relatives, and work to earn money to return.

She had to borrow money from a friend to pay for her journey back home, and when she arrived in Hamburg, Kahlied prepared a surprise for her.

He confessed to marrying an Egyptian female and referred to Girling as “fat and old.”

She just didn’t get it. He’d told her he loved her, so why lie?, she inquired.

Despite her experience, Girling returned to Egypt in March 2019 to work as a nursery teacher since she “didn’t have anything” to hold her in the UK.

She did not go out hunting for love. She really liked the land and wished to return, she stated.

Kahlied never contacted her again after he blocked her on social media.

He is really sorry about the money, Kahlied stated when approached for comment. It happened because she was impoverished. Does not want to talk about his relationship.

Girling found love again after three months in Hurghada, with shopkeeper Hysm Feygo, when he allowed her and a female friend to look around his herb and spice shop.

She is not sure what it is, but there’s just something about him that makes her feel at ease and, from the minute they met, it seemed like they’d known one another for a long time,” she explained.

Girling returned to the shop after escorting her companion back to her hotel to ask Hysm to call her a taxi.

He got in the vehicle with her, and they had sex that night. It was incredible, but at first, it was all about sex. Hysm wanted to be in a relationship, but she’d previously been injured by Hassan, so she was skeptical at first, but the more she got to know him, the more she trusted him. He didn’t ask for a dime, she explained.

They moved in together with a forged marriage certificate and are now expecting a child.

He never even proposed. He didn’t have to because he already considers her his wife, but they hope to make it official next year once she divorce her husband, she stated. Every other day, they have sex, and she is praying she is not too old to get pregnant. She is quite pleased with her toyboy since he never asks for money. She knows he’s with her because he cares about her.

The majority of her family has abandoned her; they haven’t talked to her since she has returned to Egypt. They believe she is crazy for being with him, but she doesn’t care. For her, this is a second opportunity. Her life is unrecognizable from a few years ago, and she wouldn’t change a thing. Girling further added she loves Hysm.

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